Thursday, September 20, 2007

How to Choose Table Linens by Finest Linens and Things

How to choose a table linens?

First of all, when buying table linens you need to know the necessity of the new tablecloth will serve?

1) Do you want a formal and luxurious table linen?

2) Or you need a Casual or everyday table linen ?

3) Easy to take care or you don't mind ironing?

4) How much you want to spend on your new tablecloth?

Elegant and Luxury Table linens you not be what you need if you will not serve banquets or very formal dinners.

If you need it, there are several styles and material of table linens you should consider before purchase it.

- Linen is one of the most luxurious materials, as well as Silk, Egyptian cotton, Cotton Blended (linen, cotton, silk..) , Lace, Embroidered, Monogrammed. Colors: White, Beige, Patterned, other Solid Color.

For Casual table linens or everyday table linens, consider:

- Cotton, Cotton blended with polyester for easy care, machine embroidery. Colors: Multi Colors, white, solid colors

- Usually casual table linens are blended with synthetic materials for easy to care maintenance.

You can also select your table linens by Holiday occasion, for example:
a) For Valentine's Day - choose a romantic solid color for exemple: White, Beige, Pink, or Red.
It can be casual or formal table linens.
b) For Christmass e Holiday - choose table linens with the theme that will coodinate with your tabletops and dinnerware.
c) For ThanksGiving - also choose table linens that will coordinate with the theme and colors.
It doesn't matter what do you plan to buy as table linens, just buy what you like and you think it will coordinate with what you have as dinnerware, serverware and so on.

Table linens that you enhance your mood and your dinner room and have a good time.

By Finest Linens and Things

Monday, September 3, 2007

The Passion for Handmade Dinnerware by Finest Linens and Things

The Passion of Handmade table tops, specially dinnerware is going strong. "I guess people realize that ordinary mass producttion dinnerware just don't do it" says Finest Linens and Things Store manager..
We couldn't agree more... Handmades are special and it can worth in value for the future generations.